Kickboxing Classes

At Unique Kickboxing the classes are for all ages and both males and females are welcome. There are no membership or joining fees, we simply charge per class, which is £5.

Junior Classes

Unique Kickboxing our aim is to teach Kickboxing and Martial Arts in a fun, safe and friendly environment. Our sessions provide both an aerobic and anaerobic workout as well as improving technique, skill, strength, flexibility and speed. The class also helps to teach discipline and create a positive attitude on the importance of health and fitness.

Unique Kickboxing also addresses the issues surrounding bullying and how to deal with these day to day problems.

Boxing Classes

All our Boxing Classes, are structured and for  beginners to advanced and of all different fitness levels abilities. No matter your reason for boxing we are here to help.

The aim of amateur boxing is to score punches on your opponent as many times as you can without getting hit.  We aim to increase your accuracy,  hand speed and stamina. Most importantly, your footwork is the key to your success.

There is no contact involved in the sessions, just practicing of techniques and learning how to use boxing effectively and in an appropriate way. Once we feel you have a good foundation light sparring will be the next step.

For any further information contact our Boxing department directly at

Ladies Classes

At Unique Fitness Centre and Fight School we also run a classes that are 'Ladies Only', taught by our fully qualified and insured & CRB registered female coach.

Whether it’s getting into shape, losing weight or for a confidence boost at unique boxing we can help you to achieve these goals.

We offer personal diet plans, personalised training programmes with our vast knowledge of fitness training, circuit training and diet information so you’ll see results a lot quicker than in a normal gym.

During these sessions these will be only girls allowed in the gym so no need to feel intimidated by a load of blokes punching holes in each other.

You’ll get the full benefits of a boxing class this isn’t boxercise however it is none contact, you’ll actually be learning how to box which is great for self defence, self confidence and getting fit at the same time!.

You’ll be burning up to 500 calories in each sessions, losing weight, getting fit and toning up.

Every session is different and enjoyable including skipping, pads, light weights, boxing technique.

As you can see there are many benefits of boxing training if your still not convince why not book in for your first session to see what it’s all about. These sessions do not have our normal limit of 10 people per class there could be up to ten girls in each session however we always make sure you work hard and enjoy the session.

Little Lion Classes
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