Core Meals available next door at Sophia's Kitchen with a free tasting session on the 4th of August!!


Core Meals available next door at Sophia's Kitchen with a free tasting session on the 4th of August!!

Being a Gym means we offer people the opportunity to get into shape and help them reach any personal goals and surpass any challenges they may come across in life. The Unique Gym has been achieving this for years and there's a reason why we're the number one in the area for several disciplines such as Kickboxing, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for both children and adults.

Naturally, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand and our diets will always be a key factor when either losing weight, gaining weight or fuelling performance. With that said, Unique are proud to announce that just next door over in Sophia's Kitchen, we will be offering convenient and nutritious Core Meals available for everyone!

The meal prep on offer by Core Meals consist of a varied and highly flavoursome range, offering meals that are low carb, low fat, high protein and anything in between to help suit your needs! From breakfast and lunch, to dinner and snack ideas, Core Meals have got it covered! 

No one likes to eat the same thing day in day out and that's why the meal ideas on offer change each week to give your taste buds a workout too!

The concept behind the idea if to help those who may be pushed for time, as in this day and age there is simply no rest for the wicked and what better way is there to fuel our lifestyles then to have readily available meal prep just one door away?

Let's find out a bit more about Core Meals...

The main aim is to create meals that are nutritious, healthy, gourmet, locally prepared and of course, easily accessible. It's worth noting that the meat offered is also antibiotic and hormone free meats and the seafood sustainable. The motto is quite simply...

The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison...

At Unique, we couldn't think of a better motto to live by when it comes to diet!
So what's on the menu? Well, you'll have to stop by to discover the full range and to help get your diet in gear, Sophia's Kitchen will be hosting an exclusive tasting session on Saturday the 4th of August between 10am and 12 midday.

In the mean time, check the above and below pictures of what to expect!... We look forward to seeing you Saturday!

Core Meals available from Sophia's Kitchen

Core Meals available from Sophia's Kitchen

Core Meals available from Sophia's Kitchen

Core Meals available from Sophia's Kitchen

Core Meals available from Sophia's Kitchen

The importance of fats


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'Toolow fat?'

‘Idon’t eat the yellow bit of the egg, no good for you that’

‘Nuts?Do you have any idea how many calories are in those?’

‘Inever cook with olive oil, way too much fat’

Guiltyof saying the above? Are we guilty of actually damaging our health when tryingto do the opposite? Many of us have heard that fat is important to our bodiesbut how many of us actually listen?

Todaywe’re going to make it clear as to why fats are important and how they canbenefit your overall health. Let’s talk about the different types of fat andwhat they do for your health

Saturated fat

Saturated fats are often given a bad name. Yes too much of them can prove detrimental to your health, just like anything else and reinforces the saying 'too much of anything is bad'. Saturated fats are found in dairy, meat, cakes and biscuits. Eaten in the right amounts, saturated fats can help the following:

  • · Stronger bones
  • · Improved liver health
  • · Healthy lungs
  • · Healthy brain
  • · Proper nerve signaling
  • · Strong immune system

Unsaturated Fat

Both monounsaturatedand polyunsaturated fats don’t appear to raise LDL, which is known as badcholesterol. The fact that people refer to all fats as bad gives them the badname they don’t deserve. They are essential to your health as they help keepthe body warm, store energy and keep your hair and skin healthy.

Trans Fats

There aretwo types of trans fats found in the foods we eat; naturally occurring andartificial trans fats. Naturally occurring fats are derived from animalproducts such and milk and meats whilst artificial trans fats are created throughprocessing hydrogen and liquid vegetable oils together. Unlike unsaturatedfats, trans fats tend to raise LDL and actually lower the good cholesterol (HDL)in our bodies, as well as increasing your chances of developing heart disease,diabetes and stroke!

Amongst proteinand carbs, its true that fats hold the most amount of calories weighing in at 9calories per gram as apposed to 4 calories per gram of protein or acarbohydrate.

Of course, toomuch of anything is bad for us and in the next article we’ll talk about burningfat and give you guys some tips on the best ways of doing so…

Top meal prep tips!


Men's Health

In recent years meal prep has become a huge thing in the fitness world and is almost becoming the norm amongst all of us.

Not only does it save us time cooking meals during the week, but it saves us alot of unnecessary calories too!

Here's our list of some essentials to help you save time as well as keeping you in shape and avoiding those bad foods:

This lean mean grilling machine does exactly what it says on the tin (or grill for that matter). Offered in different sizes that don't necessarily break the bank, offers a double sided grill allowing you to cook your meats/fish in bulk. 
This speaks for itself. Like rice? Want it perfect everytime? Want to cook great amounts in bulk? Here's your answer!
Whats so flexible about a blender? Its whats inside that counts! There are endless smoothie recipes for any time of the day. Whether you fancy a fruit blast or a post workout shake, you're bound to find a smoothie that suits your taste buds. Simply blend your chosen ingredients, empty into a bottle and take it away. 
Great for storing your meals for the week Please note they might take up alot of room in the fridge!
*quick recipe idea*
  1. Wrap chicken breasts in the cooking sheets and place in your george foreman grill. 5 chicken breasts will take approximately 20 mins.
  2. Rice of your choice from rice cooker 
  3. Frozen veg/salad of your choice
  4. Throw each breast in a separate container with rice and frozen veg/salad
  5. Store in fridge overnight
  6. Heat up in the microwave for approximately 3 mins on your lunch break the next day and enjoy!
A quick, easy and healthy lunch idea you can try tomorrow.
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Our top tips on how to drink more water


It is believed that a typical adult body is made up of somewhere between 50-65% of water.

Not drinking enough can not only have you feeling drained in the short run, but can have detrimental effects to your long term health too.

Here are some of the benefits staying well hydrated can provide:

  1. Boost energy and performance
  2. Help maintain brain function
  3. Reduce the risk of kidney stones
  4. Improves skin 
  5. Strengthen the immune system
  6. Weight loss through increase in metabolic rate

What are the chances that point number 6 stuck out to you the most? It most certainly sticks out to us as staying in shape can sometimes prove to be tricky...unless you know the nutritional secrets we aim to give you bit by bit.

So how does drinking enough water help us lose weight?

Keeping our bodies hydrated means our bodies will be more able to function at its maximum. As the water does its magic inside us, our metabolism is fired up by up to 30%. To put this into perspective, consider an average adult who requires 2000 calories to maintain their bodyweight. This means the same adult can burn 600 calories simply by quenching their body's thirst! 600 calories?! I know! It's hard to believe right...

With that said, many of us find it difficult to drink enough water and often see it is a chore. Especially when its recommended the average person should drink 2 litres a day. But hang on, we're all different shapes and sizes so this can't be true we hear you're exactly right!

If you consider yourself active, then please don't be afraid to drink more! We need to replenish what we have used and strenuous activity calls for more TLC than those who do not look after their health.

Time for a change?

Here's our top tips on how to drink more water:
  1. Add flavour with fruit to your bottle
  2. Invest in a filter
  3. Eat water rich foods such as cucumber, zucchini and watermelon
  4. Set a reminder!

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Changes to our timetable!


Come and get involved with our updated timetable!

We will still be bringing you the best classes ran by the best teachers with some new additions to the schedule. The question is are you tough enough?


We hold classes for all ages including young children for whom we provide a fun and interactive environment for. We like to encourage a simple motto for our little ones and that is 'hard work pays off'. We love to see the youth of today staying active and invite them to use as much energy as possible with our structured classes. Such classes are designed to help kids learn about the technique and discipline involved in boxing and kickboxing.


Ladies ladies ladies! Don't think we forgot about you as we hold ladies only classes to help you shape and sculpt the body you've always wanted. We will push you to your limits ensuring you get the results you're after. In a comfortable environment, such ladies only classes are truly hard to find!


How does Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 Kickboxing and MMA sound? Like a great selection? Good answer because we don't call ourselves a fight school for just any old reason. Just like with all our classes, if you want to get into shape and learn a thing or two, or even intend to compete, the Unique Gym has it covered. We welcome all levels from beginners to advanced and do not push anyone into competing as we feel this is a personal choice. We love to promote such sport and if you enjoy the classes AND get the body you want, then we've done our job.

View our amended timetable here.