Changes to our timetable!


Come and get involved with our updated timetable!

We will still be bringing you the best classes ran by the best teachers with some new additions to the schedule. The question is are you tough enough?


We hold classes for all ages including young children for whom we provide a fun and interactive environment for. We like to encourage a simple motto for our little ones and that is 'hard work pays off'. We love to see the youth of today staying active and invite them to use as much energy as possible with our structured classes. Such classes are designed to help kids learn about the technique and discipline involved in boxing and kickboxing.


Ladies ladies ladies! Don't think we forgot about you as we hold ladies only classes to help you shape and sculpt the body you've always wanted. We will push you to your limits ensuring you get the results you're after. In a comfortable environment, such ladies only classes are truly hard to find!


How does Boxing, Kickboxing, K1 Kickboxing and MMA sound? Like a great selection? Good answer because we don't call ourselves a fight school for just any old reason. Just like with all our classes, if you want to get into shape and learn a thing or two, or even intend to compete, the Unique Gym has it covered. We welcome all levels from beginners to advanced and do not push anyone into competing as we feel this is a personal choice. We love to promote such sport and if you enjoy the classes AND get the body you want, then we've done our job.

View our amended timetable here.

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